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Jardine’s Lookout

2128 SQ/FT - 3 BR, 2 BTH

Cavendish Heights is a large (2,128sqft) apartment that has not been renovated since it was bought from the developer. To breathe a new life into the apartment, Atelier Lane wants to mix a diversity of stone and natural linen with timber and colour as harmonious elements to create a contemporary apartment.

The design will centre on refined luxury that this tactile, warm and without clutter, with an emphasis on spatial harmony, colour and detail. To create an abundance of light in the apartment, Atelier Lane will combine natural light with new ambient and statement lighting throughout apartment.

The kitchen and adjoining Butler’s Pantry will deliver a clutter-free space with an abundance of concealed appliances, combined with beautiful craftsmanship and luxury materials. In the master bedroom, oak and felt-linings within the walk-in-robe will provide a beautiful dressing experience.

Furnishings, colour and sculptural form will be used to define spaces within an aesthetically cohesive design. Contemporary purchases will deliver the highest level of comfort. A sophisticated colour palette mixing neutrals with pops of colour in the furnishings and rugs, will work to provide tonal contrasts and harmony.