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RENOVATION & outdoor design


3350 SQ/FT - Roof terrace

This penthouse apartment, located in the Mid Levels, includes a large roof terrace, accessed from an internal staircase by the front

door. The brief is to create Mediterranean escape inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany with touches of Marrakesh. The design needs to be flexible and incorporate a dining area, living area, entertaining area, cooking and an area for the client’s two Doberman dogs. As this is a rental apartment, we need to be mindful that anything built needs to be easily removable. We are not allowed to build structures higher than the boundary wall (1200mm High). This does not include planting so planting will be very important to create privacy.

Atelier Lane wants to mix a diversity of natural materials such as stone and teak, softened by fabrics and planting, with pops of colour creating harmonious elements to create a stunning terrace garden in the sky. The main element in the design is a raised platform living room. Due to the boundary wall being 1200mm high, we need to raise this area by 600mm which will mean that when you are seated, you will looking out over the top of Hong Kong rather than being blocked by the wall. Additional to overall design, clever storage ideas is a must allowing easy access to the soft furnishings and decor items.