Best Schools to Study Interior Design

Where should you study Interior Design?

One can study interior design within most architecture schools’ studios. However, in the recent years, interior design has become so popular that they commonly have a branch on its own. Today you will be able to find a large number of schools that have programs that focus only on this discipline.

Interior architecture is a multi-faceted profession that combines technical and creative solutions to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interior environment. Professional interior designers combine aesthetic vision, creativity, knowledge, and problem-solving skills to develop functional, safe and stylish environments meeting the client’s needs. Specialised knowledge in this field includes building codes, interior construction, space planning, design analysis, programming, equipment, furnishing, and materials. As you may have already guessed, becoming a professional interior designer is difficult.

Below is a selection of some of the top programs one can find in interior design across the globe. These best schools and institutions to study interior design have been chosen based on education quality, infrastructure, expenses, and staff.

Our Top Picks for Schools and Institutions

London - The Interior Design School

This interior design school is located in the north-western area of London. Students are provided the necessary skills to manage in the practical world, as the aim of the school is to emulate a real-life design studio. Throughout the program, freehand is preferred rather than a computer. In order to ensure the high education standard, the curriculum is closely monitored. This interior design school in London is one of the world’s leading interior design organizations.

Florence - Florence Design Academy

Being located in the heart of Florence, this design academy is surrounded by historic and inspiring structures.  The school is considered a leading interior design institution, providing top quality education. The educational activities are performed by a professional teaching and well-trained staff. Most of the teachers are holding senior positions in private practices and top design organizations throughout Europe. Students will also have access to cutting-edge art technological advancements.

Savannah – Savannah College of Art and Design

This school is listed as the number three interior design institution in the world and the best American school in this field. Its founding campus is located in Savannah, Georgia. The school has other campuses in Hong Kong, Atlanta, Georgia, and Lacoste, France. Over 12,000 students that come from more than100 countries attend the school. Savannah College of Art and Design has built a good reputation for the use of state of the art technology, the talent and dedication of its faculty, and its advanced learning resources.

Hong Kong – Raffles’ Bachelor of in Interior Design

Raffles is a respected, modern school in Hong Kong that focuses on creative fields. The institute's interior design program helps students become an accomplished interior designer. The program focuses on how to work in three dimensions, space allocation, traffic flow as well as surface finishes, fixtures, and furniture. It also touches on aesthetics, safety, functional, cultural, and social aspects. Students can get ahead in a successful interior design career with this comprehensive degree curriculum.

A degree from Raffles in HK provides the confidence and skills you need to become a successful interior design professional. The program gives you an appreciation of modern techniques and design styles, application, lighting, color theory as well as the technical skills. If you are looking for local services, Atelier Lane interior design hong kong will be at your service.

Brooklyn NY - Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute is well known for the quality of its interior design program. The success rate of finding a job after graduation is as high as 93 percent. The institution provides continuing support to help the students reach their full potential. Their Bachelor of Fine Arts is the flagship program of the school, and the interior design program is staffed with well-accomplished professionals who help students also become a successful designer.

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