Convenient Living in Mid-Levels Hong Kong

Where is the Mid-Levels Located?

Mid-Levels (“半山區” in Chinese) is one of the most popular places to live among expats that are stationed in Hong Kong. This area is relatively big and is divided into three main sections, Mid-Levels East, Mid-Levels Central, and Mid-Levels West.

As the name states, the Mid-Levels is located in the hills between Central, Sheung Wan, Admiralty, Wan Chai, and the Peak.


If you take the outdoor escalator called the Mid-Levels Escalator, Mid-Levels Central is only around a 10-15 minute walk from Central, Hong Kong. This makes it a perfect location for people that work in Central.

mid-levels escalator

As you walk up the escalators, you will also find a popular dining and drinking area called Soho. You will find busy bars and restaurants on both sides of the escalators (a good place for a quick drink or two before getting home).

Due to its proximity to Central, getting around in Hong Kong is extremely easy. A quick 10-15 minute walk will give you access to the MTR system which can basically take you anywhere except for the southern side of Hong Kong Island (however, an MTR that will connect the southern part of the island with the northern part is scheduled to open in late 2017).

Taxis are in abundance; however, be prepared to fight for one during peak hours.


Like most places in Hong Kong, you will not find any “houses” in this area. By far, the majority of the residential spaces in the Mid-Levels is made up of high-rise apartments. Since land is limited, the only way to build is up and it is only the wealthiest of people that are able to live in individual houses.

mid-levels apartments

The types of apartments in this area vary greatly depending on the price of rent; however, this area is considered a good neighborhood and the average prices of apartments are relatively high compared to other parts of Hong Kong.

It is possible to find studios and one-bedroom apartments close to Soho, but the majority of apartments will be in the two to four bedroom layout.

Since a lot of wealthy families live in the Mid-Levels, it is easy to find spacious apartments that can be transformed to your liking by getting professional help from an interior designer in Hong Kong.

If you live on a high enough floor, face the north, and don’t have any high buildings obstructing your view, you can expect to have a great view of the ocean (of course, these criteria come at a cost).

Many of the luxury apartments will have excellent facilities and services that usually include a Gym, Pool, Parking, Shuttle Bus to-and-from Central, Concierge, Security, etc.

Attractions and Landmarks

Since the Mid-Levels is close to the Peak, it has turned into a popular hiking/jogging route among the residents on the weekends. Depending on where you are in the Mid-Levels, you can get to the Peak in anywhere from 20 minutes to just over an hour.

Once you get to the peak, there are plenty of places to rest or eat.