Country Living in Hong Kong - Clear Water Bay

Where is Clear Water Bay Located?

Clear Water Bay (“清水灣” in Chinese) is located in the Sai Kung district within the New Territories in Hong Kong. The district is made up of 3 main sub-areas, the Clear Water Bay Peninsula, Sai Kung Peninsula, and part of Kowloon. On the map, Clear Water Bay can be located on the southeastern tip of the New Territories (eastern peninsula).

clear water bay beach number 1


As long as you avoid peak hours, Clear Water Bay can be accessed from Central Hong Kong in under 30 minutes. If you do not have a car and do not want to take a taxi, you can choose a combination of the mini-bus, bus, and MTR.

However, if you live in this area, it is highly advisable to have your own car as getting around without one can be quite challenging.


Clear Water Bay is also a very popular residential area for expats in Hong Kong. The area consists of mainly low-rises in far lower densities than most residential areas in HK. Clear Water Bay is full of open spaces and suits people that favor a more “country living” style (unlike places like Happy Valley). Due to the average spaciousness, this becomes a popular choice among people with children and pets.

Unlike Hong Kong Island, the housing in this area is mostly made up of villas, townhouses, village houses, etc. These can be individual houses or part of a complex with shared facilities. It is less common to find tall apartment buildings here. Since many of the housing here are multi-storey 3+ bedroom homes, designing your own interior can become a challenge. The best way to tackle this situation is to hire a professional interior design firm in HK. By hiring a designer, you will save money in the long run and get to see the final results a lot quicker than trying the process yourself.

Attractions and Landmarks

Clear Water Bay Country Park is the home to famous landmarks like the High Junk Peak, two beaches, and the Clear Water Bay Golf Course.

The first attraction that comes to mind when hearing the name Clear Water Bay is the nature and the two public beaches. The two beaches are (uncreatively) named Clear Water Bay Beach Number 1 and Clear Water Bay Beach Number 2. It is very easy to remember, but we feel they could have spent a little more time to name the beaches. The beaches are protected by shark nets in the water; therefore, you do not have to worry about getting into any accidents. The beaches are staffed with lifeguards during the summer which brings comfort if you have any children. Clear Water Bay Beach Number 1 has a few barbeque pits, so it is quite a popular place for organizing small events.

High Junk Peak is also a very popular attraction in this area. It is easily identified because of the sharp peak.

There are also a few designated hiking trails if exercise is something of interest.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club is an excellent place to spend your day golfing; however, this comes at a price. Since the club is privately owned, one will have to go through a screening process and then pay a membership fee which can range from somewhere around 500,000 HKD to north of 3.5 million HKD. Once you are accepted and pay the membership fee, there is an annual fee as well.