Difficulties of Designing Interiors that Work

Some challenges you may face when designing your home

Interior designing is done by aesthetically and ergonomically improving both residential and commercial spaces after careful research, analysis, and planning (click here to learn more). Interior designers are appointed to carry out this important task as the process usually involves a number of issues that are difficult for inexperienced individuals to tackle (although recently, apps have made this easier than before).

Finding the Right Furniture

One of the most common difficulties that arise in interior design projects is finding the right products. An online search for the products returns abundant results, hence becomes extremely tough to make a choice. Also, sometimes your desired products are not available or don't match the budget. However, this issue is solved by asking a professional to source the furniture for you. Your interior designer can assist you in either sourcing the furniture of your choice or custom order the exact furniture you want.

Implementation of Benefits

Another challenge is the implementation of health benefits of the design. The interior of any place affects the people emotionally, mentally, as well as physically. In order to benefit the individuals, special consideration should be given to the views, ventilation, air quality, orientation, heating, etc. This will, in turn, have a positive impact on the people inside the space. Smart buildings are also a solution to deal with this issue.

Choosing a Style

Another difficulty in interior design projects is the understanding of design style. The client is at times unable to explain their preferences, which can lead to a troublesome situation. Either they are unable to accurately communicate their thoughts, or they only have vague ideas. Also, sometimes there is a conflict between the people to decide on a single idea as some people are highly opinionated and do not compromise on anything while the other person has a different idea. All of this can be solved by showing the client a few different ideas and analyzing his or her thoughts based on the viewings. In short, a clear requirement gathering should be performed in order to overcome this situation.

The Timeline

There is another problem of less amount of time for a huge task. A giant interior design project is assigned to a short timeline. The client thinks it will save them the money, although the reality is quite the opposite. Less time makes the interior design project more expensive. Also, in order to save costs, the clients asked interior designers to apply paint or wallpaper on the walls already having a wallpaper. They think it might save them the cost. On the contrary, applying paint over the wallpaper affects the quality of the paint and also it becomes extremely difficult to remove later on as the wallpaper adhesive becomes permanent.

Managing Costs

During any interior design project, cost management is an extremely important aspect that one cannot forget. Without proper planning and management, the labor, material and products cost can go over the estimated budget. Also, the project goes over the budget if it takes more than the estimated time. In order to overcome this struggle, proper planning and presentations should be conducted. Cost estimates and reports should be created beforehand.

One should keep in mind the discussed struggles faced by interior design projects and how to get through with them. Hiring a Hong Kong interior decorator like Atelier Lane will make the process as smooth as possible.