Is living near Victoria Peak the Dream? | Hong Kong

Where is the Peak Located in Hong Kong?

Victoria Peak (“太平山” in Chinese), most commonly referred to as the Peak, is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and is located in the north-western part of Hong Kong Island. The Peak’s highest point is 552 meters above sea level and makes it the 31st highest in Hong Kong SAR.

view from victoria peak


The most popular way to access the Peak is via the Peak Tram which is located along Garden Road near Admiralty in the Central district. The distance from the tram station to the Peak is roughly 1,364 meters, and it takes the tram about 5 minutes to get to the top. It is a very short ride but be prepared to queue up in an incredibly long line as this is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong and can become quite hectic during peak hours and tourist seasons. Besides the Peak Tram, there are a number of buses that will take you to the Peak. One can also take the taxi or simply hike up to the Peak. Even though the Peak is quite accessible by public transportation, most individuals that live near the Peak have their own cars and often have their personal drivers as well.


The Peak is considered one of the most prestigious and exclusive places to live in Hong Kong (which also means that this area is one of the most expensive). This is where some of the wealthiest and important people in Hong Kong live. To give you an example, a house that is located on Barker Road was sold for a bank-breaking 1.8 billion HKD. Yes, you read that right, 1.8 Billion with a “B.” Unlike most parts of Hong Kong, the area around the Peak consists of low rise buildings (similar to Clear Water Bay) since there are height restrictions on buildings. The majority of the buildings and apartments are relatively large in size when compared to the rest of Hong Kong. Like the apartments in the Mid-Levels, many of the buildings in this area also have great facilities that include a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, etc.

Besides the exclusivity and status, the residents can also enjoy the world-famous view over Central, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon, Lamma Island, and the other surrounding islands of Hong Kong.

Many of the residences in this area look magnificent, and it is an easy task to find a home with perfectly designed interiors in Hong Kong’s most exclusive residential area.

Attractions and Landmarks

Victoria Peak itself is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong. If you search for a picture of Hong Kong, you will definitely find a photo taken from the Peak, overlooking Central and the harbour. Whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or afternoon, the view from the Peak does not disappoint. Each time-frame will show a different glimpse of Hong Kong. Once you are done with sightseeing, you can relax at one (or more) of the cafes and restaurants located at the Peak. One of our favourites is the Wonton Noodles at Mak’s Noodle. The portions are very small, but the taste is great. You can find their main shop in Central as well in case you miss it here at the Peak.

Commercial building at the Peak