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Interior Design Tools - Which Ones are the Best?

Interior designers are expected to be updated with today’s technology (learn more about our home design services). They no longer need to rely on manual drawings if need be. Wouldn’t it be amazing if interior designers get to see their designs before they are implemented? And they do not need to waste ink and paper just to get a good visual of what the interior will look like. It would be even better if you could see how they are going to be arranged in colour! With today’s technology, all you need is to do is take a look at the following interior design tools that will help you get a good look at what your planned interior will look like. Full disclosure: Some of these tools may be overwhelming if you are not tech savvy.

Planner 5D

This is one of the most extensive free room-design tools available in the market. There is no need for you to learn its technicalities since it is a user-friendly tool that you get to easily design on rooms down to its smallest detail, including the partitions, stairs, and windows. Just do not stop at the interiors only. You even get to do with pools and landscaping, all in a stunning 3D graphics software.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

If you would like to upload a pre-existing floor plan or want to play around with the preloaded floor plans, this is one of the best programs you can work with. This software will allow you to insert doors, windows, and walls, not to mention you get to choose from a variety of interior finishes from a gallery.

Its user-interface is very simple to use and even allows you to get a view of the plan you made in a 3D image. You can also move the camera position around your plan so that you get to see different views. The tool also allows you to change the paint on the ceilings and the walls from the program’s extensive colour selection.

Ikea Home Planner Tools

When flipping through the catalog of Ikea, have you ever wondered or desired that you could see how a particular desk and bookshelf would look in your space? You can do this by using this program. It is free of charge and easy to use. With the tools that come with this program, you will even get to configure the plan, choose from the furniture gallery and decorate the interior. You also get to calculate the whole cost and then print out the list so that you can bring it with you to the local Ikea store. The obvious negative aspect of this tools is that this is only for Ikea furniture.

Ikea Kitchen Planner

Ikea has also added a Kitchen Planner program, wherein this tool will specifically give you the option of designing your kitchen. There are already appliances wherein you are given the option to view them, including other items that you can see in Ikea. You get to itemise the shopping list with all the items that you have included in the plan so that it will be easier for you to take a look at how much everything costs. Again, the downside is the fact that this only applies to Ikea products and cannot fully customise your space.

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