Living in Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Where is Happy Valley Located?

Happy Valley (“跑馬地” in Chinese) is located on Hong Kong Island is only a short distance from the Causeway Bay and Wan Chai MTR stations. If you are looking at the map of Hong Kong Island, you will find Happy Valley close to the center and is part of the Wan Chai district.


The place now known as Happy Valley was originally called Wong Nai Chung Valley. However, it was renamed to Happy Valley as the valley became a burial ground, and “Happy Valley” was a well-known euphemism for cemeteries. To this day, there are many cemeteries in this area.


Since Happy Valley does not have an MTR station, the only way to get there directly using public transportation is either by bus, tram, or taxi. If you want to use the MTR, you would either have to walk, cab, or take a bus from Wan Chai station or Causeway Bay station on Hong Kong Island.

Please be advised that traffic around Happy Valley can become extremely congested on Wednesday evenings. For example, it can take up to an hour to get there from Central.


Happy Valley is considered a residential area for upper-income individuals and there are many well-known luxury residential developments. Due to this reason, quite a few of the residents decide to hire an interior design company in Hong Kong to design their home. It should also be noted that the Highcliff and The Summit, the two tallest residential buildings that exist in Hong Kong, are also built in Happy Valley. Happy Valley has plenty of high rises but is also well known for having a good number of low rises as well.

The accessibility may not be as good compared to the Mid-Levels, but this may add to the “exclusivity” of the area. Also, in many cases, these individuals living here have cars and drivers that can take them anywhere they want, whenever they want. Therefore, the lack of an MTR station may not be too much of an issue.

As for demographics, Happy Valley has a good mix of local Hong Kongers and expatriates.

It is also said that the housing market in HK is influenced by the real estate prices in Happy Valley.

Happy Valley Apartments

Landmarks and Attractions

Amongst the many attractions near Happy Valley, the Happy Valley Racecourse is probably the most well known. During the racing season, most races take place on Wednesday evenings. On race nights you will find the race course well lit by strong lights and the traffic around Happy Valley completely congested.

Happy Valley Racecourse

Right next to the Jockey Club and partially inside the Racecourse you will also find the Hong Kong Football Club. If you are a member, you can use their facilities such as restaurants, football field, rugby field, tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc.

As we have written earlier, Happy Valley's name originates from the number of cemeteries in the area. There are currently six cemeteries in Happy Valley: The Catholic Cemetery, Jewish Cemetery, Muslim Cemetery, Hindu Cemetery, Parsee Cemetery, and Hong Kong Cemetery.

If you are after some shopping, then Causeway Bay is only a short distance away. You can usually find most of the things you would want and many stores are open until 10 pm or 11 pm at night.