Rozelle | Master bedroom " are an amazing stylist! The Rozelle property looks divine in the sales ad." Lisa Inge Let's Rent.

What is property styling? So glad you asked; and now, we'll gladly be put to the task of answering this question for you; because, well, it's what we do.

Atelier Lane Property Styling specializes in one thing: properties for sale and their decoration and styling; having been designed to maximize the visual appeal of a property to a potential buyer to ultimately feel when walking in and hopefully closing the sale and deal; because property styling, when done right, should form an important selling bond strategy, tight.

We will also work with your Real Estate Agent in identifying just who your potential buyer is, too; then we will style the property to appeal to the target audience we feel will be the most interested in your space with our massively wide range of designer rugs, cushions, artwork and home accessories that are available for hire, including: products from the exclusive Atelier Lane collection, as well as a host of other designer retailers and their confections to create looks on almost any budget, without exception.

And our property styling projects can range in scope from styling a completely empty property and/or room all the way through to simply adding some fresh linen and artwork to an existing furnished property to lift its appeal because introducing the right combination of colour and texture through the room with the use of furniture, art and soft furnishings, too, instantly adds value. And in all cases, the end result will evoke feelings of aspiration in the buyer to deliver a quick and attractive sale or quote.

Our Property Styling services include the following items listed (in no particular order) below for you:

  • Free professional styling consultation for vacant or furnished properties
  • Colour consulting
  • De-clutter of existing furniture
  • Complete furniture installation, including kitchen and bathroom accessories
  • Artwork selection & hanging
  • Indoor plants and flowers
  • Full (or partial) property styling
  • Installation and set-up of all hired items (items are quoted separately)
  • Collection of all goods at the end of the hire period

Contact Ellie to discuss your needs.