What is Interior Design?

What exactly is Interior Design?

Today, Interior Design encompasses different aspects of culture and tradition. It is all about how people experience spaces. It is a very powerful and essential part of people's daily lives and how it affects the way they play, work, live and also heal. Comfortable homes, beautiful spaces, and functional workplaces - these are all part of how interior design works.

If you take a look at interior designers, they may seem to make it look easy at first glance. They craft spaces that will anticipate the needs of those who ordered them, too. However, in reality, this is just a wider set of skills together with the technical knowledge that these professionals had acquired through their education and experience. Ever since the early 20th-century, interior designing has changed dramatically and has given rise to a profession that is an integral part of architecture, real estate, and life in general.

Interior designers are working as professionals together with architects, contractors, engineers, furniture dealers, homeowners and business owners. To become one of the most successful interior designers, you need talent, a good education, plus the skills that you can work in various disciplines such as lighting design, furniture, textiles, decorative art, graphic design, and architecture. Interior designers are expected to gain knowledge of the following:

Field of Expertise

Interior design is not focused only on one kind of space. Within this field comes with a sea of choices in terms of the type of space that can be designed. One can also decide to specialise in a specific skill within the scope of interior design, like more on lighting, or even in a specific industry such as hospitality. There are endless possibilities with interior design and the options are always expanding.

Residential interior design

Those working in residential interior design are those that work closely in private living spaces, mainly designing rooms that are for existing or new homes. Some of them even choose to work in a specific room like the bathroom or the kitchen. They can also choose to create and plan on closet spaces.

Commercial interior design

Designers that work with commercial spaces plan and execute on designing public spaces for private businesses, government buildings, and many other corporate entities. The offices are the most common focus among these professionals; however, they may even work with banks, schools, retail establishments plus many other public spaces. Some choose to work with restaurants and hotels that make them appealing and functional, while the others may choose to design areas around healthcare facilities or hospitals. Every field requires its specific knowledge on how space can be designed and used effectively by both the customers and clients (including their employees).

Because of the wide range of choices and responsibilities, it is necessary that the individual must have extensive experience, talent, and education since this is where they will get a lot of the needed skills and knowledge.

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